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Event 1

An event was organized in Satyakam Auditorium on 21st February 2019 for creating awareness about the need to include youth in social work. The objective of the event was also to encourage youth to actively participate for upliftment of marginalized and compromised sectors of society.The event was attended by over 1000 people, including students and social activists. The program began with an inspirational speech by two social activists who talked about the importance of youth involvement in social work. This was followed by a panel discussion on the need to involve youth in social work and the challenges they face. The event also featured presentations by several youth groups and organizations that are already working for the betterment of society. They highlighted their efforts and the impact they have had so far. At the end of the program, the participants were invited to join in the discussion and share their thoughts on how youth can better be involved in social work. The discussion resulted in several ideas and suggestions that could be implemented to involve youth in social work. Overall, the event was a success in creating awareness about the need to involve youth in social work and inspiring them to become more active in their communities.

Event 2

Another awareness event was held at the DDUC College auditorium to educate students about the challenges that students who are blind or visually impaired encounter when writing exams. Many honorable individuals were asked to shed light on this topic, including

  1. Khel Ratan awardee Deepa Malik (International Paralympic Athlete)
  2. Deepak Malik (Indian Blind cricket team vice-captain)
  3. Udaan FM (Disability community radio) Founder Jyoti Malik

All of them shared their life experiences and urged students to always stand for helping others and empathize with others and be a responsible citizen of the country.We also launched a website where visually children could raise request when they are in need of a scribe and the willing scribe can accept the request so as to schedule the date when the scribe is needed.It was provided free of cost. As many as 1500 students supported our cause and were ready to support our noble cause.

Event 3

On March 8, 2021, International Women’s Day, we honored the accomplishments of women all throughout the world by inviting prominent female figures who have made significant contributions to society.We respected their tenacity and commitment to society’s well-being. Their incessant efforts towards upliftment of one and all and their inspiring stories motivated a lot of children to work for society.